Taavi Kotka

VP of Sales in Plumbr, Former Estonian Government CIO

Taavi Kotka became Estonia’s first ever Chief Information Officer in 2013 to oversee the country’s development as an advanced digital nation.

Naftali Tishby

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Naftali Tishby is a professor of Computer Science, and the incumbent of the Ruth and Stan Flinkman Chair for Brain Research at the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Science (ELSC) at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Lisa Amini

Director, IBM Research Cambridge

Lisa Amini is the Director of IBM Research Cambridge, which includes the newly announced MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.

Christian Laux

Laux Lawyers AG

Christian Laux, LL.M., is attorney-at-law and partner at LAUX LAWYERS AG. He has extensive experience with technology and its legal implications, and advises on all aspects of IT law.

Diego Kuonen

CEO, Statoo

Diego Kuonen, CStat PStat CSci, founded in 2001 Statoo Consulting, a software-vendor independent Swiss consulting firm, where he serves as CEO and CAO.