Roundtable 1: Jan Frecè
Token-based Management of Personal Data
Protect individual data privacy by empowering the data-subjects to easily and securely manage their personal data, and make it available to data consumers without having to actually disclose personal data. How does it work for you?

Roundtable 2: Sotiris Dimopoulos
Advances in Data Science will cause a lag for SME in digital transformation
What type of data science applications can be successful within SME‘s? Can SME‘s afford the computing-infrastructure for data science applicati on? Do SME‘s need to hire inhouse data scientists? From project to everyday use: How to successfully oper ationalize DS models in an SME context.

Roundtable 3: Stanislav Bohm
Lowering the barrier to efficient large-scale distributed computing
Large-scale distributed environments have enabled rapid acceleration of many scientific applications. Nonetheless, for many domain specialists, it is still difficult to adapt their tools
and existing software stacks to work efficiently in these environments. How can we make the use of large-scale systems easier and more intuitive while not sacrificing application performance or resource usage efficiency?

Roundtable 4: Seyed Saeid Ashraf Vaghefi
Using big data sets to combat climate change effects
Although there are enough evidences that climate change is one of the major 21st century environmental problem, there is still a need to make scientific researches’ results accessible to the public and bridge the gap between scientific community’s achievements and social awareness. We How important is to improve the public awareness about the climate change impacts on the extreme weather events? 

Time: 10:45 - 11:15
Track: Track 1