Roundtable 1: Michael Probst
Embedding Machine Learning in Business Processes

You’ve identified a good machine learning use case. Now how do you implement it in a business process? What do you expect from software vendors to help embed machine learning into business applications? As the world’s largest business application provider, we discuss SAP’s approach, give guidance on which cases to focus your resources, and look forward to hearing your experiences.

Roundtable 2: Matthias Brändle
The case for a data & analytics strategy
All companies have „Digital Transformation“ with high priorities on their agenda, and current trends in Big Data, BI and Artificial Intelligence create high expectations. Many struggle on their way to become data-driven companies and deliver value from innovative use-cases. Consequently confidence in the own doings in this area can be low and goals and focus are unclear. To deal with these pain points, is there a case for a data & analytics strategy?

Roundtable 3: Anys Boukli
Case Studies
The objective of this session would be to present senarios of using Big Data and Analytics in different Industries and public sector.

Roundtable 4: Michael Utiger
Electricity Smart Meter Data
According to the “Energiestrategie 2050” the electrical power consumption in almost every Swiss household has to be measured by a Smart Meter as soon as 2028 with a 15 minute data resolution. This additional data harbors create many opportunities and potential for innovative services even outside of the power industry.

Time: 11:15 - 11:45
Track: Track 1