Big data, AI and machine learning are becoming part of business as usual for many organisations in the public and private sectors. This is driven by the continued growth and availability of data, including data from new sources such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the development of tools to manage and analyse it, and growing awareness of the opportunities it creates for business benefits and insights.

Organisations that maintain and manage their own computer infrastructure are starting to move to cloud computing to take advantage of a range of benefits that may be achieved such as increased security, reliability and resilience for a potentially lower cost.

By processing data in the cloud an organisation may encounter risks to data protection that they were previously unaware of. It is important that data controllers take time to understand the data protection risks that cloud computing presents.

This talk, will talk how we approach Big Data project in order to address the following anti-patterns:

  • Data Governance and Compliance to new Extraterritorial regulations (GDPR)
  • Dark Data (Data stored and Never Used)
  • Ever growing need of Computing Power and Storage
  • Technology Replacement
  • Architect for On-Premise and Cloud
  • Adoption of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Control Costs of Data growth and computing

The presentation will introduce this modern information platform concept, explain the layering of technologies, the process from a data lab to an industrialized application and what are the key benefits of having automatized platform operations.


Time: 15:00 - 15:30
Track: Track 2
Speaker: Daniel Fasel