Abraham Bernstein is a Full Professor and Chair of the Department of Informatics as well as director of the Digital Society Initiative at the University of Zurich (UZH), Switzerland. His current research focuses on various aspects of the semantic web, AI, knowledge discovery, crowd computing, and the interplay between human and machine intelligence. His work is based on both social science (organizational psychology/sociology/economics) and technical (computer science, artificial intelligence) foundations. Prior to joining the University of Zurich Mr. Bernstein was on the faculty at New York University. He also worked for Union Bank of Switzerland, first as a research scientist at the corporate research center for information technology (UBILAB) and then as a project manager for IT-projects. Mr. Bernstein serves on various professional committees: relevant to this conference is his membership of the Council of Europe Expert Committee on Human Rights Dimensions of Automated Data Processing and Different Forms of Artificial Intelligence. Mr. Bernstein has a Ph.D. from MIT and holds a Diploma in Computer Science (comparable to a M.S.) from the Swiss Federal Institute in Zurich (ETH). http://www.ifi.uzh.ch/en/ddis/people/bernstein.html

University of Zurich