Dr. Lisa Amini is the Director of IBM Research Cambridge, which includes the newly announced MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab (http://mitibmwatsonailab.mit.edu). The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab is dedicated to fundamental artificial intelligence (AI) research with the goal of propelling scientific breakthroughs in four research pillars: AI Algorithms, the Physics of AI, the Application of AI to industries, and Advancing shared prosperity through AI; all of which leverage and pioneer machine learning, deep learning, and machine reasoning algorithms. Lisa was previously Director of Knowledge & Reasoning Research in the Cognitive Computing group at IBM’s TJ Watson Research Center in New York, and she is also an IBM Distinguished Engineer. Lisa was the founding Director of IBM Research Ireland, and the first woman Lab Director of any IBM Research Global (i.e., non-US) Lab (2010-2013). As Senior Manager of the Exploratory Stream Processing Research Group, Lisa was the founding Chief Architect for IBM's InfoSphere Streams product and Research predecessor. She earned her PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University, in New York.