I am a doctor, entrepreneur & academic passionate about the potential for technology and data to transform the delivery of healthcare for the benefit of patients. Previously I worked as a Trauma & Orthopedic Surgeon for 12 years in London at, St Mary’s Hospital, the regional trauma centre. I completed my PhD at Imperial College researching barriers & enablers to innovation diffusion in health sector. In 2013 I co-founded Open Medical Ltd and co-developed the PathpointTM eTrauma workflow solution to help frontline trauma surgeons better coordinate patient care; this solution has been implemented at multiple NHS hospitals. The PathpointTM eTrauma system has enabled the application of new models of care, such as the virtual fracture clinic, and the aggregated data has been used extensively by hospitals to optimize their workflows. In 2017, in recognition of my work in digital healthcare, I was made an NHS clinical entrepreneur. Today I am the Medical Director for Roche Diagnostics Information Solutions (DIS) helping a talented team of software developers and data scientists create and implement transformative healthcare solutions.